How to measure the perimeter of your wrist:

  • • Take a string or a piece of tape long enough to enclose it in your wrist.

  • • Pass the string around your wrist until the string encloses it totally and mark the string where it fits but it should not be too tight.

  • • Put the same string on a ruler and measure the length in centimetres.

  • • Take into account that some of our bracelets are adjustable to different measures.

  • • All of our bracelets vary from 15 cm to 23 cm of length/perimeter. The list of measures is detailed below:

XS (16 cm)  XS (17 cm)
S (17 cm) S (18 cm)
M (18 cm) M (19 cm)
L (19 cm) L (20 cm)
XL (20 cm) XL (21 cm)
XXL (21 cm) XXL (22 cm)

  • • Remember that the measures of our bracelets were taken by measuring the inner perimeter of them.

  • • Before placing your order the available sizes will be shown, so please choose yours and finish your purchase.

  • • If you need us to make a tailor-made bracelet do not hesitate to contact us by our e-mail [email protected]
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