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Our company

Lunetta Spain is a Spanish trademark (Mark No. 3,603,181) specialised in handmade handbags and accessories made of top quality leather. Unique and sole designs with reasonable value for money.

Design, style and uniqueness are our identifying marks.

The product

All of Lunetta’s goods are made by talented craftsmen and leather workers from Ubrique (Cádiz) guaranteeing that the manufacturing process is carried out following the most traditional craft standards used in the leather industry. To accomplish this, they employ first-class raw materials and unique handwork which is making the pieces to have an added value because they are sole and special.

Lunetta Spain has materials manufactured in Spain with regard to the binding legislation. The ironwork used for its creations are made of brass and zamak with gold and silver plating. These metals are hypoallergenic, free of nickel and toxic materials which could be harmful to the health of its customers.

Our team

Sobre nosotros

Lunetta is made up of a team of young talents trained to offer a good and high quality service within the fashion and accessories sector. They are trend scouts and producers of innovative, modern and trendy ideas without losing the timeless classic design.

The company´s history

Lunetta was established at the end of 2012. María del Carmen Sánchez Luna and José Luis GarcíaMorilla —both Technical Architects and Engineersdecided to launch the project of Lunetta Spain. This meant a personal and fascinating challenge of how to make a fresh start and to grow day-to-day at personal and professional level.

The main purpose of the brand is the customer orientation, by creating leather goods with interesting value for money.

To design high quality and timeless pieces. Novelty and functional items which that suit in an appropriate way to the everyday life of its customers, as well as the relentless pursuit of innovative materials in order to offer the best accessory in every moment.

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